30 National Dishes in 18 Months

Food, Glorious Food.
Over the past few years, I’ve found my set playlist of recipes which I make all the time, and I never have any time to make anything new. This is because I’m completely lazy, and despite the fact that I’m ” a good cook”, I’m very aware that I’ve become stagnant and unless I push myself out of my comfort zone, I’m always going to keep making excuses for not experimenting with new dishes. So my solution is to cook 30 National Dishes over the next 18 months. What could possibly go wrong?! (aside of failing miserably, poisoning myself or having a breakdown when I can’t find a single obscure ingredient.) I pulled together a list of 149 National Dishes from Wikipedia, assigned each with a random number and then asked friends on social networks to randomly pick a number. This eventually led to a list of 30 National Dishes which (ingredient availability and sanity permitting) I’ll be attempting to make over the next year and a half. So here it is, in no particular order:

1. Spain: Paella


2. Laos: Tum Mak Hoong

Som Tum Thai 

3. China: Chow Mein

Veggie Chow Mein in Vancouver, BC 

4. Brazil: Feijoada

Feijoada na comunidade do Calabar 

5. Taiwan: Beef noodle soup

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup 

6. Bahamas: Crack conch with peas and rice

conch, cracked 

7. Chile: Pastel de choclo

Pastel de Choclo 

8. Greece: Moussaka

Greek Moussaka 

9. France: Pot-au-feu

pot au feu 

10. Burma: Mohinga


11. South Africa: Bobotie


12. Republic of Tatarstan: Öçpoçmaq

Echpochmak-wiki.jpg Wait.. where? And What?! 

13. Lebanon: Kibbeh


14. Russia: Borscht

borscht served 

15. Cuba: Platillo Moros y Cristianos

Moros y Cristianos, Cuba 

16. Guatemala: Fiambre


That looks very pretty. I’m gonna struggle with pretty.

17. Netherlands: Stamppot


18. United States: Hamburger


19. Singapore: Chilli crab

Chilli Crabs 

20. Vietnam: Phở

Beef Pho - Pho Dzung AUD8 - close 

21. Madagascar: Romazava


22. Norway: Fårikål


Awesome. A dish I can’t even pronounce.

23. Portugal: Bacalhau

bacalhau da mamãe 

24. Algeria: Chakhchoukha


25. Egypt: Ful medames

Foul Medammas - Oasis Bakery AUD5 

26. Nicaragua: Gallo pinto

Gallo Pinto 

27. United Kingdom: Fish and chips

When nothing else will do  001 

28. Cape Verde: Cachupa


29. Botswana: Seswaa

Spicy Botswana-style "Seswaa" Beef Short Rib at Jiko 

30. Nigeria: Jollof rice

Baked Jollof Rice

Right then. Lets do this.

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